Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am a SAHM. All day long I hang out with my kid, which is AWESOME, but after my husband gets home from work I need to take some time for myself. I have been working out in the evenings, and then when I get home I want to spend time with my husband and just veg out.

Last night I got home from my workout late. I texted my husband to let him know when I was on my way. So he knew that I would be coming home. And I was already later than usual. And when I got home he was playing a certain highly-popular video game on his computer. A game I generally don't mind him playing. But he acts like he never gets to spend time with me, then he's doing that for the first 45 minutes that I'm home? When I get home at 9:30? And he went out for a drink after work so he didn't get home until precisely one minute before I needed to leave to go to the gym. So it's not like I got to see him before that.

So he went to work all day, and I did housework and stuff, and then picked up the kid from a family member's house (the kid is there one day a week). I cooked dinner for my husband (a dinner I wouldn't eat until after my workout), fed the kid, bathed the kid, fed the pets and then just waited for him to come home so I wouldn't be late for my class.

I was really annoyed by the time I had been sitting alone watching tv at 10 something at night waiting on him to hang out with me. Lovely.

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